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ACS Guitars offer a range of fixed price and custom services for electric, bass, acoustic, classical (nylon strung), mandolin and banjo.  Assembly and finishing of custom built guitars using parts sourced in UK and America

  • Please note that the below prices are for the service only; parts and strings are not included

  • Standard hourly rate for all work is £35 (minimum charge period is 1 hour)

  • A warranty is included for all work

Guitar Service & Setup

Check/adjust neck relief, set pickup height, clean guitar, check electrics, fret polish, new strings (price for strings not included)


Pot/Jack replacement

Replace and install new volume, tone or jack socket


Fret Dressing

Level frets and re-crown followed by fret polish. Adjust and setup neck relief according to desired string gauge


Electric Pickup replacement

Replace 1 or more pickups

£45 - £65

Internal wiring

Replace all wiring to switches and pots


Custom built guitars

Guitars built to order. Parts selected to customers requirements


Switch replacement

Replace selector switch



Replace tuners including any drilling and restringing


Other bespoke services

All other stringed instruments including mandolins, banjos, acoustic, classical and bass guitars. Adding onboard electrics, new bridge, preamps, blend controls, piezo pickups etc


'Andy clearly has a passion for guitars & I appreciate the time he takes to explain his work afterwards. All of the guitarists in our band now use his services. Highly recommended!'


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